HRoots: A New Approach to HR Management through UX/UI


Project Overview

In response to the challenges faced by large companies with expanding workforces, our team was tasked with developing a new web service for HR management. The project, named HRoots, is aimed at large corporations that need efficient tools to manage growing numbers of employees. Our goal was to create a user-friendly interface that improves the experience of both HR professionals and employees by simplifying navigation through complex employee hierarchies. We have worked on this project in collaboration with another software development company called Evrone. For a closer look at the design aspects of this project, you can view our detailed case study on Behance.


The Challenge

As companies expand, the complexity of their organizational structures increases. It makes effective communication and process management critical. With staff numbers exceeding 300, our clients typically find that managing recruitment, training, and employee orientation consumes substantial resources. The primary challenge for HRoots was to enable new employees to quickly fit into the corporate structure, reducing the time they spend navigating through layers of hierarchy and departmental interactions.


Our Approach

Engaging with Stakeholders

We worked closely with all the departments within our client's company to get a clear picture of the existing processes and the pain points associated with them. This close collaboration was crucial for designing a service that reflected the users' real needs and workflows.


Navigation and Automation

The centerpiece of the HRoots interface is a structured map that enables effortless navigation through employee profiles and related information. This feature helps in the quick location of personnel. It also supports the autonomy of employees to connect with the right colleagues independently, a task previously managed manually through email exchanges.


Handling Complexity in Organizational Structure

During our in-depth interviews with HR departments, we uncovered various non-standard cases, such as complex multi-level departmental structures. These insights were vital in designing a service that could accurately reflect the nuanced hierarchy within large organizations and provide clear paths through potentially confusing layers of subordination.

The Solution

Within just three months, our collaboration with the HRoots team and developers resulted in a minimum viable product (MVP) of the corporate portal. This first version is already operational and demonstrates notable time savings for HR professionals and employees. Users can now swiftly find colleagues and filter employee data based on a variety of parameters, effectively reducing the time spent on manual searches and improving organizational efficiency.



The HRoots project is a clear example of how a thoughtful design approach can transform tedious HR tasks into simple and quick interactions. If your company is facing similar HR challenges, we're here to help. Reach out to discuss how our innovative solutions can support your business goals. We're excited to help you rethink your HR processes and improve your workplace efficiency. We look forward to bringing this expertise to your next project!


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