A Complete Redesign of the Springbig Cannabis Marketing Platform

Springbig is a renowned marketing platform that enables its users to boost revenue, increase retention, foster customer loyalty and create smarter marketing campaigns.

In essence, Springbig is a platform designed to cater to the needs of cannabis dispensary teams as well as any highly regulated markets. Through this platform, sellers can seamlessly create and execute informational campaigns that feature referral links and other valuable details, and build comprehensive analytics to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Springbig's platform is a comprehensive SaaS platform that empowers business owners and marketing heads by providing them with a wide range of value-added features to enhance their customer engagement.

The expert team at Evrone was entrusted with the responsibility of designing and implementing the new frontend components of the platform. The team successfully overcame the challenge of transferring each seller's personal account to the new design platform with ease. Additionally, as part of this engagement, the team was tasked with updating the tech stack, which included a full stack refresh of the frontend and backend components.

With the combined expertise of Springbig and Evrone, the platform has been upgraded to provide a seamless user experience that is sure to exceed expectations.


Upgrading to new technologies

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully completed a major project for our client, which involved the complete overhaul of their technology stack. As a result of our efforts, the client now has a new, modernized application that is faster and more user-friendly, with a beautiful design and all the necessary elements and pages.

Our team was tasked with rewriting the frontend part of the project using new FrontEnd technologies, Backend, and FSD (feature-sliced design). This program involved overcoming the challenge of redesigning and giving some users the option to use the new interface without having to rewrite all the pages at once. We achieved this by re-implementing all the old pages that were already implemented into the new application, essentially building a new application with an old one inside of it.

We also utilized newer Query libraries and packages as needed, which allowed us to greatly simplify the process of getting server data, putting it in a form, changing it, and sending it back. This helped to streamline the development process and save time and effort. Help future proof and scaling challenges 

To keep the project from becoming too complex, we decided to use the Feature-Sliced Design architecture. We finalized and simplified the rules to make them more standard and straightforward, so they can be tracked at the level of static analysis.

On the backend, we split the application for retailers and merchants in a modular design abstracting backend and Frontend, communicating and data sharing using quality API’s. We optimized query performance to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure smooth data display.

The Springbig project was built completely on tier1 cloud infrastructure, providing our team with a valuable opportunity to explore the tools and queues, and understand this topic better.

We are proud of our team's hard work and dedication to this project, which has resulted in the successful completion of a major overhaul of the technology stack. The Springbig platform is now equipped to handle the complex needs of its users, with improved functionality, efficiency, and a better user experience.


Team composition

Team composition included a team consisting of project mane and account managers, multiple backend developers, frontend developers, and QA specialists. The backend developers also helped with the frontend tasks during the redesign phase. Communication primarily took place through Slack and ClickUp was used for task organization. Although the project was formally divided into sprints and milestones, the isolated team had their own development cycle. The client-side team consisted mostly of the CTO, Chief system architect and Head of Frontend.


The conclusion

The collaboration between our team and the client resulted in a successful outcome for the program. The client was great to work with, as they trusted our expertise and allowed us to work without rigid requirements. This independent approach allowed us to meet their expectations and deliver excellent results. We are proud of the work we did and are excited to see how the platform continues to evolve and grow. If you are in need of help developing a marketing platform, please fill out the contact form, and we will be in touch soon to discuss how we can assist you.

Throughout our project, both Evrone's tech team and account team maintained clear communication, collaborating seamlessly to achieve our desired outcome. Their ramp up time was impressive, and their feedback was consistent, making collaboration effortless and ensuring our needs were met. They were highly responsive to our input and acted promptly to address any concerns we might have had. We highly recommend Evrone to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient partner for their project..

Navin Anand
Navin Anand
CTO, Springbig
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